Wednesday, March 21, 2012


What a difference a little or maybe that should be a lot of rain will make. Wildflowers breaking into full bloom, tanks and ponds overflowing and green grass everywhere. Looks like it is going to be a great spring. Of course that is not taking into account that it is election time again.

It took some time but we finally have a date set for the primaries. Texas will have less impact on the selection of the presidential candidate thanks to those that handled redistricting. This year is also an excellent example of why redistricting should be conducted by a non-partisan committee. Great idea, but those in power do not want to lose the power.

What Austin did to the state and national elections also affected our local county elections. Not that the redistricting actually had any effect on precincts locally. We just got stuck with the delays because county offices are listed on the state and national ballot. No problems with city and school elections. Maybe it is time to consider that all local level offices should be run non-partisan. All could be held on the same day and same ballot.

Lots of choices locally this year and both parties have contested races. That is going to make it hard for some of us to decide which primary to vote in. This is another good argument for local elections being held non-partisan. For instance if you like one of the candidates for District Judge in the D primary you will have to sacrifice your vote for Sheriff. No D's are running for Sheriff.

Partisanship is applicable at the state and national level where you may never meet the candidate face to face. Sometimes you have to base your decision on what the party platform states. On the other hand local government has little to do with party platforms. There is another reason for local non-partisan elections.

The District Judge, Sheriff and for that matter all other local county government officials have a non-partisan job. They do not promote one idea or another they simply perform a constitutional defined job. Realistically the only time politics is involved in local government is come election time.

There is still a long time before we get to vote. With the amount of time we have there should be no problem in voters learning about the candidates. The platform for all county elected officials should be doing what is best in their job for Milam County. Take time to study the candidates. Look past the rhetoric you will be hearing in the coming weeks and make the choice you feel is best for Milam County. And most important of all be sure to cast your vote.

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