Friday, February 3, 2012


The race is on for the White House, Congress, state representatives and senators and of course local governmental offices as well. The various media sources have been loaded with reports of the presidential race, and to a lesser extent state and other national races. Where are the reports on local government races?

The signs are-up all over the county and the rumor mill is firing up. Hard to tell where these rumors originate. Some say the candidate's opponent starts them, or perhaps the supporters of a particular candidate or maybe it is just plan ignorance of the voting public.

The reality is we as citizens of Milam County have the opportunity to get to know our local candidates on a personal level. We can approach each and every one them, or call or email them and ask them the pointed questions. Something we can't do with the majority of state and national candidates.

Take time to get to know the issues and the candidates. Remember this?

" Some of you may not know about me and my friends. This is Congressman John Carter and like you I am concerned with the lack of jobs, excessive spending by the government and lack of infrastructure at the federal level state level and county level we need to get Milam County back to work. And to do that we need a new team, a conservative Republican team. I am proud to be on the same ticket….names candidates. This team is dedicated to creating jobs building roads spurring economic development and being held accountable by their neighbors. So go out and vote for this new conservative Republican team that will get Milam County back to work. They deserve the best county leadership in the state and this team will provide it."

That's the text from Senator Carter's political ad from the last general election. I did leave out the candidate's names, but that's it word for word.

Now the point I want to make is that he speaks about several issues that are nothing more than political rhetoric like we will hear until the election is over. I like Congressman Carter but would like to point out that the unemployment rate has not drastically changed in Milam County. There have not been miles and miles of county road paved, and the local county spending increased by $1,187,224.48. That is the increased revenue from taxes.

It is called political rhetoric. Congressman Carter was telling folks what they wanted to hear. The reality is that the county could have encouraged economic development by lowering taxes, but they did not. They can't do much for job creation and as a matter of fact actually cut some jobs. And remember your county elected officials are most likely not going to put Milam County back to work.

By now voters should have learned it is what elected officials do not what they say that counts. As we move into this election take time to look at the records of each and every candidate. Yeah they might be your friend, even your best friend, but not sure that is a reason to vote for them. Might be the best reason not to vote for them, cause you know them. Can they do the job?

Take time to review the record of those that have been in public service and look closely at what those who have not been office holders have done over the years. At the county level it really is not about Democrat or Republican it is who can best do the job, and who will best do the job for the citizens of Milam County.

Law enforcement is not Republican or Democrat, keeping books for the county is not Democrat or Republican and serving as a commissioner or a constable is not political. It is doing a job and keeping the best interest of the people of Milam County as their top priority.

Study the candidates well and make your decision based on not who is the best Republican or Democrat or Tea Party candidate chose the best person for the job and vote. Remember, county elected officials are not going to put Milam County back to work. We need county officials that are going to work for us.

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