Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Why and why are the questions I have been asked most since making my intentions to run for office public.  Why are you announcing so early, and why are you running for Milam County Judge?  I can understand both questions since it is early to announce for the 2018 primaries, and the next few years for Milam County does not look too promising.

Why so early?  Well, as many of you know I have run campaigns in the past.  From that experience I have learned that it takes a long time to get your message out to the voters.  Texas campaign laws require candidates to have a campaign treasurer filed before they can spend or accept campaign funds.  One way I plan on getting my message out is by running columns in the local newspapers on a monthly basis during 2017.

Why do I want to be Judge in a county where the future does not look too bright?  First and foremost I love Milam County.  Fell in love with the county in 1969 when we first purchased property in the county.  I graduated from high school in 1969 and spent that summer enjoying the beauty and serenity of Milam County.

I believe in the people of Milam County and the future of Milam County.  While things do not look too great right now what happens in the future will be dependent on us.  We can sit back and let things happen or we can be creactive.  Yeah I know that is not a word.  Something I came up with during my graduate work that is a combination of create and react.

We can either sit back and react to what happens in the future which means we are reactive, or we can attempt to direct the future now by creating plans for a desired outcome.  By not looking ahead we have to react to everything that comes our way.  On the other hand we can try to create what we want in the future and be creactive.

We know Alcoa did not last forever, and we know Luminant will not last forever.  Housing out prisoners is something else that could end tomorrow.  The loss of either of these revenue sources for the county will be devastating if we are not prepared.  I will be the first to admit I do not have all the answers.

If elected I plan on bringing leaders from across the county together to discuss our options for the future.  In my past tenure I utilized citizen input on renovation of the courthouse and on the construction of the new jail.  Committees were formed by the Commissioners Court to get public input on both of these major projects.  By bringing folks together we made a difference in Milam County, and we can do it again.