Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I started not to write this post but sometimes you have to respond to totally incorrect information.  A local citizen, referred to by many as the “Village Idiot”, recently presented the court with a letter during public participation.  He then later sent a letter to the editor to local papers that was basically a duplicate of his request to the court.

In his comments he refers to purchases made by a Commissioner involving two tractors one front end loader and two shredders.  He also indicates, “Purchases need to go through a bid process.”  The tone of his letter indicates he believes the bid process was not followed.

However, he does not let you know that a BuyBoard created by legislation allows members to purchase equipment through the BuyBoard.  He also likes to throw around the terms compliance and transparency.  The following is a direct quote from the BuyBoard web page. 

“Compliance and transparency
Contracts and vendors awarded through BuyBoard have been competitively procured, so members automatically have compliance with Texas local and state procurement requirements and a documented audit trail. Transparency in the procurement process is treated with a high degree of focus and is of paramount importance. All vendors are treated on equal terms and are on the same plane of competition.” 

Another point made on the BuyBoard web page is as follows,                             

"Energy and cost savings                                                Because the competitive procurement process has been completed, members save time and resources that would have been spent on preparing and conducting a formal RFP. Besides reducing administrative costs, members reap savings through competitive pricing—plus, we offer member rebates!” 

Point is these purchases were made through the BuyBoard and hence were in full compliance with the letter of the law.

Another statement he makes is, “The former County Judge attended Court and told me the action was not in accordance with the Milam County policy and Local Government Code…”  Again, his statement is incorrect.  I did say the bids for road and bridge materials should have been opened in court, but never referred to or mentioned Milam County Policy or the Local Government Code.  I was not even aware of Judge Barkemeyer’s undated notes concerning a purchase policy.

In closing he makes the statement, “I have zero tolerance for acts of fraud, waste, or abuse in Milam County Government.”  Yet he fraudulently accuses the Court of waste and abuse.  Perhaps he should study the facts before jumping to conclusions.

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