Monday, March 10, 2014


Okay here we go again off and blogging.  My last blog was in April of 2013.  That was just about the time I announced my candidacy for the Milam County Judge's race.  Due to the fact that once you are campaigning everything becomes a political advertisement or statement that needs a disclaimer I just found it easier to quit blogging.

Also the fact that what I would be blogging about would be about Milam County and Milam County government some folks might have construed my blogging as dirty politics because my comments might be opposite of my opponents, or perhaps the facts would not support my opponents position.  Anyway I will be back to blogging for now.

With all that being said the whole objective of the blog Inside Milam County is to give you the outsiders a look inside the real workings of local county government.  Not the media version but a real view as to what's going.  I will warn you that some of the "real" truth and my own opinions might sometimes go against current county officials, but this blog is in no way meant to demean or attack anyone, rather to simply state the facts and provide another view of what's happening in your county government.

I am very disappointed in the voter turnout.  Not that a big turnout would have made any difference in the final outcome of the race, but the fact that the general population does not seem to care what happens.  A 22.93% voter turnout sucks.  When you have less than one fourth of the voters in any election making the decisions something is just not right.  The point is that one vote does make a difference and there have been a lot of lives lost defending your right to vote.

I have not had time to look at "The Who Voted List," but I am willing to bet that many of you who meant to vote did not make it to the polls.  With a two week early voting period and a seven to seven 12 hour Saturday early vote within that time period there is absolutely no reason not to vote.  No excuse.   

With this kind of voter turnout it is no wonder our country is going to hell in a hand basket.  To take a quote from Earl Pitts, "WAKE UP AMERICA!"  Just got to pray we the working middle class have not been sleeping too long, and that we will wake up before it's too late, or maybe it already is.

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