Monday, April 8, 2013


Our veterans deserve the best service we can provide them.  After all they did put their lives on the line for us.  Even if they did not serve in combat they did give up a number of years of their lives.  No matter what branch they served in they were available to be sent into harm's way in a moment's notice.  Leaving behind family and friends for an unknown length of time, and some to pay the greatest sacrifice and never return.

Judge Barkemeyer recently took action to save money by cutting services to the veterans in Milam County.  In an attempt to balance a budget that really does not look all that good at this point in time he cut the veteran's secretary's position to half time.  I understand trying to balance a slipping budget, but on the backs of our veterans?

I agree with a lot of the things Dave has done while in office, but this is not one of them.  To be honest when I served as Judge I too might have thought about cuts in the veterans' office if my budget was out of whack.  However, I have since had the opportunity to see just how important this office is in a very up close and personal way.

Sometime back my mother-in-law had to be placed in long term care.  Her husband had served during World War II and she was entitled to benefits due to his service.  Let it suffice to say that the paperwork and red tape to get to the benefits is beyond comprehension of a normal person.  Had it not been for the services and assistance available from Ken Janicek's office Rae Beth and I would still be working on the paperwork.  Had Ken not had the full time secretarial assistance we would never have gotten qualified as quickly as we did.  Thanks to his assistance Mom can afford the long term care costs.

Due to Judge Barkemeyer's decision Ken will not be able to devote full time to the veterans.  He instead will be spending half his time taking care of the secretarial work in his office.  Veterans devoted their full time to us we deserve to provide them the best assistance possible.  It is not the veterans' fault that the government made the qualification process so difficult, but it is Judge Barkemeyer's fault that Ken will have less time to assist our veterans.  Dave, you really need to change your mind on this one.

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