Friday, May 20, 2011


Okay, now he has done it. Sheriff David Greene has switched parties. The world is coming to an end. Not really, but it is a good example of why local government should be run on a non-partisan basis.

How many of you have ever voted for a Republican or Democrat, or any other party affiliation for City Council or the School Board? Maybe you knew their espoused party affiliation, but there was no party affiliation associated with race. You are just looking for good people to serve in those positions. Folks that will get the job done.

There have been several attempts over the years to implement non-partisan elections for the Judicial branch of government. They all failed. However, there are good reasons why non-partisan elections are desirable for judicial elections and local elected offices.

One of the best is that lawmen and judges enforce the law, not political platforms. There is no such thing as Republican or Democrat law. Sure, laws are made by politicians, but enforcement should be on a non-partisan basis.

The local taxpayers pay for elections and going to non-partisan elections would eliminate the need for primary elections. Much like school districts and municipalities there would be only one election with the candidate getting the most votes winning. Like school and city elections the number of candidates would be limited only to the number filing for office, rather than the number of parties.

There are arguments, as with most issues, both pro and con. The reality is in local government there are very few political issues that the local leaders rule on. True they are our voice to those that do make the rules, but our local elected officials’ main focus is on doing what is right for their constituents, not a political agenda.

Bottom line is that we do not need a good Republican or a good Democrat to be the chief law enforcement officer in Milam County. Partisan politics has no place in law enforcement. We need a good Sheriff. David has proven his ability to get the job done. His primary interest in Milam County as Sheriff is fair and cost effective law enforcement for everyone. He needs to continue serving Milam County as Milam County Sheriff. He’s got my vote.

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