Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year and a New Day

Well here it is January 3rd, and I am blogging again. Keeping up with that New Year’s resolution, or trying to.

Many have asked is there life after the judgeship. Well, for those that have yet to hear I started my new job today. I am working as a Deputy Clerk in the Milam County Tax Office Annex in Rockdale. I am selling license plates, working titles and collecting taxes. I applied for the job back in December and was lucky enough to be selected for the job.

In spite of what you may hear in the rumor mill I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION in running for the Tax Assessor Collector’s office next election. It is just a job. There are some who may tell you that there is some “plan” behind my accepting this position, and actually there is. To have a regular paycheck and that is it.

If you have questions about what you might hear in the rumor mill please feel free to contact me for the rest of the story. It all comes down to knowing the truth. Just as I have encouraged you to seek the truth as the spin doctors start their work during the upcoming legislative session do your best to stay in touch with the truth about local government as well. It will serve you well in seeing the whole picture.

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