Monday, March 15, 2010

Stimulus Funds for Me?

Stimulus funds, for them or against them they are here. Like them or not there are some stimulus funds available to Milam County folks. It is one of those opportunities that some might want to take advantage of.

It goes without saying that we are currently going through some difficult and trying economic times in Texas. Locally we have been spared the depth of the recession that other areas in the nation are experiencing, but there are still many folks feeling the effects of hard times.

During the month of April Texans can receive rebates on qualifying appliances. The appliances include refrigerators, dishwashers and water heaters purchased between April 16th and 25th. The state received 23 million dollars from the U.S Department of Energy to establish the Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program.

This is a first of its kind program for Texas. The program will be administered by the Comptroller's State Energy Conservation Office (SECO). There are several "conditions" that applicant for the rebates must meet for eligibility. The first of course is that you need or can afford to purchase a new qualifying appliance.

Participants must be Texas residents. They must purchase an appliance in-store at a Texas retailer and replace an old appliance with a new energy efficient model to receive a mail-in rebate. These rebates can be stacked with other rebates and incentives available from the manufacturer. Purchase might also be eligible for federal tax credits.

Each household is eligible for up to two appliance rebates. However, the rebates must be for different appliances. All old appliances must be disposed of properly. Those participants that recycle their old appliances will receive an additional $75 rebate. The actual rebate for the appliance purchase varies with appliance purchased.

You can also sign up to receive up-to-date information via email, get answers to frequently asked questions and review a list of eligible appliances and the rebate amounts on the Comptroller's SECO Web site at

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